Peter "webdoc" Martin, a known speaker in popular venues such as NADA, Digital Dealer, RVDA, Automotive Boot Camp, and Internet Sales 20 Group is now offering...
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Peter Martin
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Bradenton, FL (March 26, 2014)

Compelling Motivational Speaker Now Leading Web Series for Automotive Dealerships

Peter "webdoc" Martin, a known speaker in popular venues such as NADA, Digital Dealer, RVDA, Automotive Boot Camp, and Internet Sales 20 Group is now offering a web series for automotive dealers. These webinars will take place every month and feature his most engaging speeches.

"The goal of my new web series is to teach the dealers who can't make it out to the events I speak at," Peter "webdoc" Martin, President of Cactus Sky Digital said. "They feature valuable information every dealer needs to learn, from increasing your Fixed Ops Revenue to Online Reputation and mobile-responsive emails. Every attendee will leave with a grab-bag of information they can then turn around and utilize at their own dealership."

Martin, who has worked in dealerships as well as marketing for dealerships for over 27 years is considered one of the most knowledgeable and influential person in the industry. His company is successful at getting emails past the spam filters with open rates that are through the roof. He is also the mastermind of the Pot of Gold Program which markets to dead prospects in a dealer's CRM and doubles their internet closing ratios in 90 days, guaranteed.

Martin also co-founded Automotive Digital Training (ADT), the most advanced, 24/7, comprehensive video on-demand training, tracking, testing, and certification platform for professionals in the automotive industry. Joining him are Jim Ziegler, Ralph Paglia, Danny Alkassmi, Sean V. Bradley, Craig Lockherd, and Karen Bradley. This webinar series features some of the content from the platform with the added opportunity for attendees to get their questions heard and responded to.

The first webinar in the series, "How to Deliver Emails in a Spam-Filtered World," was successfully presented on Tuesday, March 18th. Attendees learned about changes and increased filters on the major ISPs such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL. The next webinar is scheduled on April 15th at 1 pm and is titled, "Drive Service Reviews with Online Coupons and Email." This one is about the importance of online reviews to dealerships, and the best practices for boosting reviews on popular review sites such as Google Local and Yelp.

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About Peter "webdoc" Martin
Peter "webdoc" Martin is renowned for creating innovative and cutting-edge programs, systems, and tools to facilitate the Auto Dealer's success in today's market. Peter is the Co-Founder of ADT (Automotive Digital Training) a comprehensive web based video on demand training and testing platform for the Auto Industry.

Martin is currently the President of Cactus Sky Communications -- a company that helps businesses acquire, manage and retain customers online. He has leveraged over 27 years of sales and marketing experience to become a business leader, speaker, writer and trainer with a focus in email and online marketing. Cactus Sky is recognized as one of the premier digital marketing companies in the country. Their ability to deliver email through SPAM filters as well as track the recipients' actions (clicks) provides their clients with an unprecedented marketing advantage. Popular products include Pot of Gold, eReputationBuilder, and Automotive Digital Training.

About Cactus Sky Communications
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Cactus Sky Communications is the auto industry's premier full-service digital marketing agency. For over 12 years we have been the industry leader in marketing innovations with our expertise in email marketing, database development and relationship building. Cactus Sky utilizes behavioral targeting, mobile-enabled campaigns, social media marketing and database development and management to generate increased customer engagement and conversion. Our tool-kit of leading-edge techniques and technologies make us the leader in digital marketing and PR with results that speak for themselves: customer engagement, conversion and sales.