Black Opal Caviar for Mote Family and Friends

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The wait is finally over. We're pleased to announce that Healthy Earth is now offering Black Opal Caviar to Mote family and friends.

More than a decade ago, Mote undertook a project to produce the finest farm-raised caviar in the world. Using genuine Siberian sturgeon eggs, our scientists developed state-of-the-art sustainable aquaculture techniques for raising some of the world's highest-quality Siberian sturgeon caviar using the malossol production method.

Today, Healthy Earth has partnered with Mote so that you can now enjoy the finest food in the world knowing that not only are you getting great value but, more importantly, you're getting a natural product.

No games, no additives, no hormones or antibiotics, just the best sustainably raised Siberian sturgeon caviar in the world. You and those you love deserve nothing else.

Here is what you should know:
  • USA Produced: Black Opal Caviar is proudly produced – hatched, raised, harvested and processed — in the U.S.
  • Top Quality: It is "virgin-packed," one fish to a tin — and never blended or mixed with caviar from other sources.
  • Caviar Masters: By retaining leading caviar experts and utilizing the most up-to-date technology, we make sure that every batch of caviar will be enjoyed in the most optimum condition.
  • All-Natural Caviar: Black Opal Caviar does not use antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives or anything else that you don't want in your food.
  • Crafted Responsibly: Black Opal Caviar's facilities utilize only the purest water, refined with new processes developed by Mote. This means unparalleled quality, uniformity, and environmental friendliness.
Healthy Earth is pleased to offer a 15% discount to the family and friends who have long supported Mote's efforts to develop the finest farm-raised caviar in the world. Mote friends should use the HEALTHYEARTH15 discount code at check out.

This special offer expires Dec. 1, 2015

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