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This is the time of year when most families are able to enjoy the beautiful beaches and oceans of the world. But did you know the ocean is home to an estimated 50-80% of all life on Earth, and provides more oxygen to the world than all other sources? The ocean is a precious resource that is important for our health, economy and quality of life, and it must be protected.

Mote Marine Laboratory is working tirelessly for conservation and sustainable use of our shared ocean resources. Despite our important contributions, however, we know there is much more to be done, and we need your help.

That's why we have embarked on our first-ever, comprehensive fundraising campaign, Oceans of Opportunity: The Campaign for Mote Marine Laboratory.  We see the possibilities our efforts hold and we are committed to having a greater impact around the world.

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Thank you for your generosity and support that will allow us to safeguard our oceans for generations to come.


Michael P. Crosby, Ph.D., FLS
President & CEO | (941) 388-4441
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