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When most people think of Mote, what they might not think of is finding a cure for cancer or better treatments for antibiotic-resistant baterial infections or severe wounds. But in fact, Mote has extensive biomedical programs that are working on these exact issues. Researchers at Mote are focused on biomedical studies, working with sharks and stingrays because of their quick wound-healing abilities and their resistance to cancer to find better treatments for these diseases.

Our goal is to use our discoveries about the biomedical processes that allow sharks and rays to avoid disease and heal quickly from injuries and translate them into applications that will benefit human and other populations. Imagine a new treatment or vaccine for the most difficult-to-treat cancers or improved antibiotics for battlefield wounds suffered by our troops. This is what we are working to achieve.

Our biomedical research extends beyond the traditional reach of marine science and is just one example of the impressive programs here at Mote. I am pleased to share with you our 2013 Annual Report, available here, which provides a more comprehensive view of our work at Mote. Help us to sustain our exceptional research, education and conservation initiatives that allow us to understand, protect and save some of the most treasured resources and species in our planet by investing in our Annual Fund,Waves of Support. A gift of _____ will help us continue to make the world a better place. To donate please visit us here or call 941-388-4441 ext. 415 for assistance.

Thank you for your ongoing and critically important support of Mote. Together we are advancing important objectives and achieving great results.


Michael P. Crosby, Ph.D., FLS
President & CEO

Dr. Carl Luer’s biomedical research focuses on sharks,
skates and rays and how their immune system functions
could help fight human disease.

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