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Did you know that our coral reefs provide protection for our shorelines during tropical storms and hurricanes and generate billions for our economy through food production, jobs and tourism? And did you know that our reefs — once expansive in their diversity — have drastically declined because of man-made impacts and changes in our ocean conditions? Mote is working on studies that will allow us to understand how reefs are changing so that we may protect and restore them.

Our studies are designed to uncover which species will best survive in future ocean conditions that will be more acidic and warmer. By carefully selecting genetic strains that will be more adaptable to expected changes in climate, environmental stress, and disease, growing them in our nursery and using them to restore depleted reefs, we believe we are poised to rebuild damaged and depleted reefs in our lifetimes. While ambitious, this goal is truly achievable with Mote-developed technology.

Our coral nursery is also helping to transform human lives. Through a special partnership with the Combat Wounded Veterans Challenge, veterans who have suffered severe traumatic injuries and loss of limbs in combat are working alongside us to propagate corals. Not only are they helping repair damaged reefs, this work is empowering them in their own healing process.

Our coral research is just one example of the many ways that Mote makes a difference in the world. I am pleased to share with you our 2013 Annual Report, available here, which provides a more comprehensive view of our work at Mote. Help us to sustain our exceptional research, education and conservation initiatives that allow us to understand, protect and save some of the most treasured resources and species in our planet by investing in our Annual Fund, Waves of Support. A gift of _____ will help us continue to make the world a better place. To donate please visit us here or call 941-388-4441 ext. 415 for assistance.

Thank you for your ongoing and critically important support of Mote. Together we are advancing important objectives and achieving great results.


Michael P. Crosby, Ph.D., FLS
President & CEO


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