More Effective than Written Reviews
The Combined Power of Google, YouTube & Facebook
One Billion Users scroll through Facebook's Newsfeed every day. Video Testimonials are the most effective way to outrank your competition.
Video content ranks higher than links, and testimonials are more authentic than generic written reviews.  
Filming Testimonials is Easy... Follow the Script
Our scrolling teleprompter-style script guides you through the keywords you need to say during the video to rank higher with Google's Voice Recognition software. You not only showcase great reviews, you get a boost in SEO from Google's recognition of your own local search terms.
When a satisfied customer shares their testimonial about your dealership on Facebook, it builds trust and recognition in the local community.
Increase Exposure when they Share and Syndicate
The average Facebook user has 350 friends. Reach this local audience with authentic video testimonials.
Electronic Advertising Release Form
Have happy customers sign with their finger and electronically store their consent form.
Get permission and start using video reviews in your digital advertising and on your website immediately.
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