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Tired of asking for online reviews to no avail? Tired of showing up second to your competitors online? Let your customers do the work for you with Testimonial Builder.
Testimonial Builder lets you capture a glowing review of your dealership right at the time of sale and automatically sends it to the customer for them to share online. Meanwhile, the SEO keywords in the app's built-in teleprompter get picked up in local searches to help you rank higher and higher. Imagine getting instant exposure with your customer's review before they even get to F&I.
If your dealership is struggling to get more reviews or if the ones you have aren't quite doing the job - this is the app for you.
Could your dealership use that kind of social exposure?
Step 1
Record the Testimonial
The built-in teleprompter guides you to include the correct SEO keywords.
Step 2
Have the Customer Sign the Built-In Release Form
Get permission to use the video online with a digital signature right within the app.
Step 3
Upload Automatically to Your Custom YouTube Channel
YouTube’s voice recognition software scans the audio so you get SEO credit for those keywords.
Step 4
Send the Video to the Customer for Sharing
Automatically send the video to your happy customer for them to share on social media too.
View hundreds of video testimonials from happy customers across the nation here

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