The Top 3 Reasons to Use Video Testimonials
in Your Online Marketing
Join the hundreds of company's leveraging video reviews of their happy customers online. Thanks to Testimonial Builder, it's never been easier!
Use the Testimonial Builder App to Film a Video in 3 Easy Steps:
Written reviews can seem skeptical, but video testimonials appear authentic and personal. Combine the strength of a good review with the power of word-of-mouth marketing.
Did you know Google is listening to your videos? When your customer says the name of your business, product or location, that info is used to rank your video in searches.
Send the video to your customer for them to share online - you just reached their entire online network with a trusted review essentially for free! Who doesn't love to share?
Video testimonials are the perfect way to boost your online presence. Rank above your local competition with search engine optimized videos that tell your story. Improve your exposure and reputation with this all in one solution to your digital marketing needs. Visit our site or call today at 410.296.2343

Check out our real customer testimonials in action.

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