The Top 3 Reasons to Use Video Testimonials
in Your Dental Practice
Hundreds of dental practices are leveraging video reviews of their happy patients online. Thanks to Testimonial Builder, it's never been easier!
It's never been more important to use Video Testimonials in your marketing:
Two thirds of patients find healthcare providers based on online reviews. Stay visible and accessible. Reach them with authentic video reviews before your competition does.
As many as 60% of people report some level of discomfort about going to the dentist. 10% to 15% of people will downright avoid the dentist all together. Ease their fear with the stories from satisfied patients.
Video reviews will help combat bad written reviews online. Who would you trust, a written blurb by who knows who, or a credible and personal video review from someone you can see and hear?
If you’re having trouble getting dental patients to leave reviews after they’ve already left, or if those reviews aren’t quite giving you the impact your business needs, let video testimonials take your online rep to the next level. Allow your patients to show off their brand new smiles and tell the world how incredible you are in a more personal and engaging way than a simple online blurb. Bring more patients to your door with Testimonial Builder.

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