Testimonial Builder Success Story
Double the Appointments
The Stretch Bar in Dallas has incorporated video testimonials into their website and marketing using the Testimonial Builder app, and they've doubled their appointments in the first 90 days!
"We have patients calling us to schedule appointments telling us that the reason they're calling is because of the video testimonials on our site."
The Stretch Bar, Dallas, TX
This patient testimonial has over 140 views!
This patient testimonial has over 100 views!
Taking Video Testimonials is EASY

This short video can change your business!

Testimonial Builder is the simple to use app that captures your customers in authentic video testimonials, talking about how great the buying experience was. Nothing is more powerful than real people telling other people why they should come do business with you. And the app makes it easy for them to share their story with their own social media networks.
The Testimonial Builder App:
  • Captures customers at their happiest moment
  • Has a built-in teleprompter incorporating your vital keywords
  • Uses Google and YouTube's voice recognition technology to boost SEO
  • Has an integrated release form giving you the customer's permission to share
  • Leverages the power of Facebook and other social media to spread the word and build your brand
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