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You may remember me as the former operating partner of Grand Prairie Ford with Larry VanTuyl from 1989 to 2007. I left for personal reasons and I have been travelling the country with my dog while enjoying some rounds of golf – no, not with my dog.
I recently ran across an old friend, Peter “webdoc” Martin. He built our website back in the day and he must be doing something right since he has survived all of the ups and downs in the tech world. After seeing his latest product, “Testimonial Builder”, and the potential benefit for New Car Dealers I have decided to come out of retirement to help him build his company.
This is the first product I have seen in all my years in the business that provides “Free” advertising for the dealership through the power of social media driven referrals with minimal effort by the sales or service staff. It makes it easy for the customer to share a video of them taking delivery of their new vehicle – or accepting their keys back from a service writer - with all their friends on Facebook. Not only are you reaching all of their friends with a free marketing message you are simultaneously improving your online exposure with positive testimonials; it is a legitimate 2 for 1 offer.
We are in the process of rolling this out in Texas in Q1 of 2018. We are limiting the number of initial dealers and granting them brand exclusivity, so of course I thought of you. If you want to be the first one in your market to take advantage of this opportunity call me today and I will fill in the details.
Let's find a few minutes to get together so you can see for yourself. Call me at 214-535-2584.
Jeff Baker
Business Development Manager
Testimonial Builder