As we discussed in the previous email, the relationship between Google and YouTube is paramount to your dealershipís online visibility. But DID YOU KNOW that Google is now using voice recognition technology to listen to the videos and pull keywords out to incorporate them into the SEO algorithm?
Voice recognition technology is the biggest and most powerful aspect of Testimonial Builder because the app includes a teleprompter to ensure that you say the correct keywords. If you and your team say the right keywords and follow the script your videos start to show up on page one of Google.
Donít take my word for it, here is a text message from one of our dealers:

The app is now available for both iPhone and Android. You can take the current version out for a no-obligation test drive on your phone or tablet. Upload up to 7 videos and see how easy it is to use. This is a limited time offer so download it today.
If you're ready to start dominating page one of Google and maximizing your online exposure and sales, call us today: 410-469-1732.
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Peter "webdoc" Martin
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