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Reach more clients with personal messages.
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Start developing your "Personal Brand" for 2017
Touching base with your customers is easier and harder than ever. With tons of channels to reach prospects, customers are over-stimulated with brand-generated content. Share authentic video testimonials of YOUR happy to bring the personal touch back to selling cars.
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You Have Happy Customers
Testimonial Builder enables you to record a customer testimonial while they are excited and happy at the time of sale. Then the app helps promote the video testimonial online, automatically. This creates a marketing phenomenon that will increase your sales and your customer's faith in you.
Testimonial Builder in 4 Steps:
1) Shoot Your Testimonial
2) Share on Custom YouTube Channel
3) Forward video to customer, customer shares on their Personal Social Media (the average person has 350 Facebook Friends)
4) Build Your Brand.
Better than 5-Stars, Hear it From The Customer!
Create YOUR "Video Library"
Utilize Testimonial Builder to create and archive a video library of Happy Customers. Your custom Testimonial Builder YouTube channel and other social platforms will be THE best reference you will ever have.
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Testimonial Builder is the innovative way to build your business by integrating online reputation, social media, video SEO, and website traffic generation all designed to increase sales. Search Engine giant Google owns YouTube, the second largest search engine, so video and online reputation now play one of the largest roles in Google's Ranking Algorithm.