How Your Black Friday Customers Can Bring You More Customers!
You're going to sell some vehicles this Black Friday. Don't let those customers leave until you put them to work with video testimonials!

Capture your Black Friday customers at their happiest moment and let them share with the world the great experience they had at your dealership! Testimonial Builder is the FREE app that does all this:
•  Records authentic happy customers, more powerful than written reviews
•  Walks you through the recording with a built-in teleprompter
•  Has a script with your customized keywords
•  Gets the customer's permission with an integrated release form
•  Uploads the video to YouTube
•  Uses Google's voice recognition technology to boost your SEO
•  Allows your customers to share the video on their own social networks to spread the word
The average Facebook user has 350 friends. Leverage the power of those networks with Testimonial Builder.
Don't let your Black Friday customers leave without putting them to work for you!
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