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More Referrals = More Sales
It's just that simple. The Testimonial Builder app will capture video reviews of your customers at their happiest moment, the time of delivery. As they brag about their new car they're introducing you to all their Facebook friends and generating referrals for you.
The average person has 350 Facebook friends, and most of them live around your dealership. Every video testimonial is a commercial of your happy customer telling them about what a great salesperson you are. There is NO better recommendation.
Try Testimonial Builder for 30 days, absolutely free, and see for yourself how many more referrals you get. Click the button below to learn more and start your no-risk trial.
Upload unlimited videos for 30 days and watch your sales grow. After the Free Trial, you can continue your membership for only $7.95/month. And if you're not selling more cars, you can cancel at any time.
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